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At Dad Squad Gear, we take pride in our vibrant community of fathers who embody the spirit of strength, love, and patriotism. Our "Meet Our Squad" page is dedicated to showcasing the incredible individuals who make up our Dad Squad family. These dads are more than just parents; they are role models, advocates, and everyday heroes. Through their inspiring stories, we celebrate their dedication to family, their passion for their communities, and their unwavering love for their country.

Featured Dad Squad Members


Ryan E


"As a father, I believe it’s my role to set an example of what a man should be for his family. Being a dad means protecting and providing for your loved ones, leading and guiding them with compassion."


Howard H 


"My Dad was my hero growing up and that image of him drives me to be a hero to my kids. It’s not easy being a Dad, making sure my kids are safe and secure not only physically but emotionally too is always a challenge. Have I stumbled along the way? Of course! Nobody is perfect, so I don’t expect my children to be perfect either. They are perfect to me as long as they are smiling and happy."


Mike B


"Being a dad means being a teacher, a friend and a protector. Being a dad is the number 1 and most important thing there is."


David C


"The meaning of being a dad is huge to me because I was raised by a single mother. I never had that figure or influence to teach me how to be a dad. I'm sure this is the case for many others and we all are learning as we go. It means a lot to us because we are giving our children something we never had at that age. We take great pride in providing something we never experienced ourselves."

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Dalton D


"Being a dad to me means being supportive, patient, and loving.It's about being a provider, someone who your kids can count on and can lean on when needed. It's about being strong but soft. Know when to teach but also know when to learn from your kids. All in all being a dad means everything to me."

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Joshua C


"I've come to think that you can't be a good father without being a good man. Love, above all, lays the foundation to be a devoted father. A father, like any man, should be vigilant against danger, adhere to truth and honesty, face opposition with courage, and remain persistent through trials."

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Joshua W


"Being a dad is an incredible journey filled with immeasurable joy and fulfillment. With “family first” as my motto, the honor of fatherhood extends beyond words—it’s about being the steadfast pillar, the reliable anchor that supports and nurtures the ones I love. The joy of seeing my children grow, learn, and thrive, knowing that I’m there to guide and protect them, is unparalleled. Being a dad means being strong not just physically, but emotionally, and being a reliable presence that the family can always count on. It’s a role that brings a profound sense of purpose and happiness that transcends anything else in life. I love being a Dad."

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Jay G


"Being a Dad is the most important role I will ever play, & if I don’t do this well, no other thing I do really matters. It’s not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man & it brings unmatched power into a child’s life, you’re a son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love!"

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Zeke E


"The thing I love the most about being a father to my girls is to most of all just always be there for them I want them to know they can always come to me about whatever it is they need me for and to raise them to be strong independent women like my mother and their mother and teach them to show that just because they’re girls to never count them out of the fight!!!"

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Eddie J


"Fatherhood is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man.” — Frank Pittman. Being a dad means being a provider, a mentor, a protector, and being a guide through this wonderful thing called life."

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"Being a Dad is like your heart is walking outside of your body. It is the best and worst experience of my life. The pressure to be a great dad is tremendous. So knowing that The Dad Squad Group has found a way to recognize all the dads, I support them entirely."




"Being a Dad hasn’t always been easy but it will always be the most rewarding part of my life."


Mike A


"For me growing up, my dad worked shift work at the plant. We always delt with and saw mom. I used to resent my father because he was never around and when he was, normally he was sleeping. He was former navy and ruled with the iron fist. Everything was done in a military manner in our house. I was 11 when my mom passed away and it opened my eyes to what dad actually did for us. Mom was a stay at home mom and took us kids everywhere because of the time and efforts that dad was putting in. At that point dad had to figure out how to do both, which caused him to accept a major career change that late in life. He passed away 18 months before Hayden was born. I learned though and I try to practice this, as a parent, whether it be mother or father, our kids might want the materialistic things in life, but in the end, it's our time and effort that will leave the most impressions on them."


Joseph S


"Being a dad is not just about saying that you’re a dad, but living that lifestyle. As a father of two kids and a dog, I wear many hats. Being a dad means inspiring my children that the world is theirs, and that if they put in the work, they can achieve anything they put their mind to at any stage in life. Being a dad means sometimes you have to put boot to ass to help your children understand the importance of them learning what right LOOKS LIKE, what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s a warning and why. Being a dad means being able to teach your children a thing, letting them fall, and being that rapid response medic to ensure that they have bumps, bruises and scrapes, but also being able to either fix, or stabilize the breaks, fractures, and dislocations when God forbid it happens. Ensuring that they know they are hurting, but they are safe, loved and protected. Being a dad is also about encouraging your children through their success, or failure."


Laszlo B


"For me, being a dad is to set a good example/be a positive role model. Being a responsible provider, protector, leader, and encourager. Be the most potent moral force in your children’s lives and always treat their mother with the utmost respect."


Nate Feathers




Joseph Miller


"Dear Son, Every bruise that was brushed off was a moment for teaching,Every make-believe game was a time for bonding,AndEvery question answered was a time for learning.Here I stand a hero because you taught me how to become a Dad."




"Being a dad means being able to sacrifice for my children. A man cannot fully live until he lays down his life for another."

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"Being a Dad is my greatest joy. As a Dad I strive daily to be a Godly example for my family and of good character to teach my children the importance of integrity, as my father had taught me. As a Dad it is important for us to be dedicated and present in our children's world. It can be struggle to balance between being the provider and being a dedicated father. So we must make every moment count when we are together. I am proud to be a father and to be a part of the Dad Squad community!"

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Terrence G



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Brandon B


"What's it meen to be a dad..... I Don't think it's a title we just deserve, It's something we earn everyday. It takes so much it's hard to put into just a few short words. What's it take to be a dad?, the answer Is not so simple but we can start with ALOT. Being a dad takes a commitment,a compassion, a devotion to something greater & more fragile than yourself, I also don't think it's something we will ever perfect, You can't define what it meens to be a dad, through our victories & our defeats we struggle to be the best dad we could be, our children know this and this is what ultimately makes them call us dad, we earn that title & it is the greatest title given to us.... What's it meen to me to be a dad..... Everything. & I challange you to be the best dad"

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Dre C




Cammer M


"Blessed is the one whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty. Job 5:17"


Jason S


"Being a father is an extraordinary mission, marked by daily encounters with small victories and profound moments. From the initial declaration of "Dada" to the incremental triumphs, fatherhood places you on the front lines, observing a miniature human undergo a remarkable transformation. The satisfaction derived from sharing laughter, imparting wisdom, and serving as an unwavering source of love for your child forges an unbreakable bond. In the face of mastering the swift execution of diaper changes, one discovers resilience, adaptability, and an untapped reservoir of patience. Negotiating through challenging times becomes a tactical exercise in personal growth, revealing latent strengths. The fusion of demanding challenges and heartwarming moments in fatherhood paints a canvas that is uniquely fulfilling and, in its essence, undeniably awesome. In combat, we had great and terrible times, either way many of us would never change it. Even with the worst times we ever experienced, the good times far outweighed the bad. Just like being a father. The best worst days of my life, and I would never change what have with my daughters."

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Kieth D



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Gabriel P


"Being a dad is the greatest adventure we have the privilege to be apart of. Being a dad has helped me to understand the heart of God and what it means to love unconditionally."


Michael S




Adam C


"Being a dad is great..but teaching my boys to be great men is the greatest accomplishment!"

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Marcus W


As a dad I love spending time with my children. This is my most important duty. I love teaching them and guiding them to life and watching them succeed. There is nothing better. “A father’s love is measured in the happiness and success of his children.”

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James C


"To me being a Father and a Husband is everything. It has changed my life, made me a better man, and made me love like I never thought I could. It made me become a different man. A better man. A stronger man. When my daughter was born something changed in me. The first moment I saw here I knew I would die for this girl. There is something about seeing your kid for the first time that makes something click inside and now you know you have another life that depends on you. Looks up to you. Loves you. And makes you stronger as a man and helps you become a Dad."

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A.R.R. Seneca


"For me, fatherhood is about cultivating the next generation. We are guardians and educators, but most importantly role models. We teach our sons what it means to be men and set the standard for what our daughters will accept of the men in their lives. Fatherlessness is on the rise and it's clearly harming our society. By being there for our children we can help them build a better world."

YouTube: @SenecaSerpent

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