Our Partners

Dad Squad Gear is delighted to collaborate with distinguished brands that resonate with our core principles, offering our customers access to premium gear. We invite you to demonstrate your support for these brands we have worked with and support by exploring their websites and engaging with their products.

Dads for Defense
Dads for Defense or “D4D” is a private community and certification program to give the modern man the skills, the knowledge and the support to prepare, defend and protect.

SoCal Shoot Event

Summer Send Off 2024 | September 21st | Burro Canyon Shooting Park. DSG will be vending at this event, make sure to check them out.

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Born from the need for spotless eyeglasses, Awesome Hank evolved through numerous designs to a compact, high-quality microfiber handkerchief with a lanyard, ideal for cleaning screens, lenses, and everyday gear.

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Savages Gun Club
Savages Gun Club was established by a collective of everyday American individuals with a shared mission: to unite the local 2A community. Our core objective is to foster firearm proficiency and rapid adaptability to our surroundings through comprehensive training.
Ford Holster Company
Their mission is to provide safe and quality gear solutions that you can depend on every day. You have enough things on your plate than to worry if your gear is going to fall apart or not perform well. 
TRB Training

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn basic firearm safety and operation, or an experienced shooter looking to bring your training to the next level, Tap Rack Bang is ready to guide you on your journey.

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Everyday Patches is a small brand created by two members of the EDC community. Our ultimate goals for this project is, as simply put, to bring cool patches to our fans and for the community as a whole.

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Crafting leather gear in the heart of The Borderlands. Rugged, handmade gear for a career on the trails. Elevate your badge today. 

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